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When I was a teenager, several older girls from my school went to an old, deserted plantation house to hold a séance. They sat in a circle on the floor, placed a candle in the center and began trying to reach spirits of the dead. For whatever reason, they called upon the spirit of the Headless Horseman. As they held hands and murmured encouragement for the spirit to contact them, a sudden gusty draft blew through the enormous old room and the candle was extinguished. One of the girls began screaming and screaming in agony. In terror, the other girls grabbed her and they all ran out of the house. The screaming girl kept sobbing and sobbing, "My back! My back!". The other girls pulled her shirt up to see why she was in such agony and discovered a lash upon her back, as though someone with a horse whip had dealt her a cruel, warning blow. None of the girls believed that the Horseman ever actually existed, they were just playing around and trying to scare one another. But undeniably, something quite terrifying did actually exist and reached out from beyond to either inflict harm or a warning to a group of young girls dabbling in a realm they were obviously neither safe nor welcome in. Submitted by Allie, Frankfort, KY
iconMake sure you only knock on people's doors that you know. Don't knock on strangers' doors."  These were the mostly common words used by adults when the time came to Halloween. This year though, Jennifer was going trick or treating for the first time ever. She was a little nervous! When she was ready, she walked out of the door, said goodbye and wandered up Oak street. She knocked on number 12 and a little boy answered. "Trick or treat" she said. She was then called into the house but said that she was going to stay outside. She then moved onto number 13 and found that nobody was in. She turned to leave and heard the gate clang shut. She couldn't open it. Next, she saw a white figure appear in front of her eyes. A month later, it was the day of Jennifer's funeral. What happened, no one knows for certain. Submitted by cupcakescary
iconI always like Halloween parties, but this was one I'll never forget! I was twelve years old and my mom, dad, brother and I went to a party at about 8:00pm and planned on being home by 11. While we were having a good time, I heard a rustling noise outside. I thought it was just pipes or silly kids messing around, so I went to get some punch. After about ten minutes, a man came knocking on the door. My dad's friend answered it and there appeared to be a homeless man wandering around, looking for some money. We gave him a couple of tips and he thanked us and left. At about 11:25pm we left the party. While we were crossing a river, we saw the same man with his throat cut. On a nearby tree it said "Don't give money to strangers." My family and I got scared and sped off. About two weeks later, we heard on the news that there was a mental patient who had escaped on Halloween night. They also showed a picture of him on the news, but he looked completely different. We were confused, but my dad said that the man must have switched disguises! Submitted by Joanna
iconMy friend and I were babysitting and we started getting spooked, so we put the two kids to bed and started watching TV. I got up to get a drink and noticed that there was a thing that looked like a clown sitting in the dining room chair. I told my friend and we called the owner of the house. What she told us scared the heck out of us! She said to get out of the house IMMEDIATELY. When we asked why, she told us that her neighbor was a deranged midget and sometimes he would dress up like a clown and break into their house. He has threatened them before but they thought he was just kidding. We got the kids and called the police. Everybody is safe and he is now in a mental institution. We later gave up our babysitting job. Story by Alicia
iconDownstairs in the basement of my new house in Mississauga, Ontario, I was on the computer playing some games when suddenly, I heard some footsteps and a door opening. I went upstairs to see who it was, but no one was there. I went back downstairs, shut the games website, and closed the computer. Suddenly, the computer opened! I thought that was weird... I closed the computer again, but this time, I got a message on the computer saying "I'm looking at you." I was very freaked out. I didn't shut down the computer this time, I just ran upstairs. When I got upstairs, I thought it might have been someone playing a joke, but I was very, very wrong. I ran upstairs to my room where my sister was, and I told her what happened. She obviously didn't believe me. True story submitted by Saman
iconThere was a girl named Alice Costello who died in my school, so they named the school after her. The rumor is that she haunts the school. I have been going to that school for nine years and nothing has ever happened , up until recently, that is. My friend Kris was sitting by a door in the Science room, where my teacher keeps all of his beakers. The door started to open, and whenever she tried to close and lock it, it kept opening! Papers would fly off the desk, when no one was over there. Once, when I was in my social studies class, a map that has been on the wall for about four years, suddenly fell to the floor. The window would close when no one was over there! Another time, when my friend Renee and I were in the library researching something, books fell off the shelf when no one was by them! Is there really a ghost in my school, or is Alice Costello just a myth? Submitted by Heather
iconCandyman was the son of a wealthy slave so he went to all the best schools. Candyman's wealthy landowner wanted him to steal his daughter's virginity. He did just that and Candyman's father wanted revenge. He hired some people to cut off Candyman's right hand with a rusty blade and no one came to his aid. There were local beehives near Cabrini Green. They got the honeycomb and covered Candyman's naked body with the honeycomb. Candyman was stung thousands of times and died a slow, painful death. His ashes were scattered all over Cabrini Green. As the legends have it, say "Candyman" five times with the lights turned off or four times with the lights on and on the fifth time, turn off the lights and he will appear behind you, breathing heavily and then cut you up. My friend tried it and three minutes after she did it, she felt something stinging her ankle... then her legs... and then her fingers. After ten minutes, the pain was gone. Submitted by Lindsey
iconOnce, when I was walking on a sidewalk, I saw a teen couple about the age of eighteen walking down the road. I passed them and said "Hello!," but they didn't reply. About four weeks later, I saw the same couple and greeted them with a "Hello" again. This time, they replied saying "Hi, Sweetie!" After about a month, I read an article about two teenagers who were beaten to death at a local barber shop. Pictured in the article was the couple I met on the sidewalk. At about 9:30PM, I got a mail in the letterbox with no contact information. I opened the letter and it said "Hi, Sweetie!" Submitted by Roseatta
iconOne day my cousin was sleeping over at my house. We were outside coloring on the sidewalk with chalk. All of the sudden, a grey, beaten up van stopped in front of my house. He asked in a really quiet voice (probably so we would go closer) where the "boat docks" were. "Lynn doesn't have boat docks." I said to the man. He said that yes, it does, it said so on his map. He asked me to come look for myself. I said I did not know. My mom came outside to see what was going on. Right when she came out, he sped away. He later stopped at my friend's house down the street, and asked if she had seen his dog. Then her mom came out and he drove away. On the news about two days later, it said their was a kidnapping right down the street from me. The man was caught and the two kids that were kidnapped were sent home. True story submitted by Jessica
iconOn Labor Day weekend when I was about about ten years old, I was asleep in my room and was awakened really late at night. I heard a thump, like something falling on the floor. I opened my eyes and saw a tall black, hooded figure standing in my room. I got scared so I acted like I was tossing in my sleep, turned over and pulled the blanket over my head. In the morning I woke up and my clock was on the floor. I later asked my parents if they had been in my room last night and they hadn't. The same thing happens to me every labor day weekend. True story submitted by AmberLee
iconMy great-aunt married a man that no one really knew. One night she had this strange feeling that someone was watching her and she woke up. She saw what appeared to be her husband hovering over her, but it was not him. He had horns, red eyes, and what looked like a cape wrapped around him. Thinking she was still asleep, she yelled his name. He floated back to his side of the bed and returned to his normal shape. They are no longer married. True story submitted by Jamie McDonald
iconWhen I was ten years old, I heard a story about an old house. If you visit and go inside, you'll see an old woman wearing a black sweater, holding a knife saying, "I'm coming! I'm coming!" If you don't run away fast enough, she'll catch you, cut your stomach open and fill it with sand. They say that this old lady used to pick blueberries in the mornings until a man came and killed her. After that, her ghost comes out and kills anyone who disturbs her while she is picking blueberries. Submitted by Chelsea
iconWhen I was just three years old, I lived in my Grandma's house with my Mom and Dad. One night, I was alone, asleep in my parents' room. For some reason, I woke up. It was dark, but I was sure I was alone. I then saw that the wall was red. Then I saw black. Something appeared, it was like I was seeing the devil and seven demons. It said "I'll kill you" and kept laughing and laughing. I was so scared and crying that I put my blanket over my head and fell asleep. I will never forget that night. True story submitted by Juanita
iconThere was a girl named Jenna who was having a slumber party. She invited three friends but only Mary came. That night, after they did all the fun activities, they went to bed. Ten minutes later Jenna heard Mary counting "12345". She didn't pay much attention though, she thought that Mary was counting to get to sleep. At about 3 a.m., Jenna woke up to go to the bathroom and heard "565, 565, 566, 567". She reached over and turned on the light and turned around to see a man holding Mary's decapitated head pulling out her hair one piece at a time. Submitted by Sarah
iconOnce, I was in my parents' room playing my Playstation 2. I got up to go into my own room and then I went back and started playing again. I heard the door open and heard someone grab something off of the dresser behind me, but I didn't bother to look. About ten minutes later, I went in the living room to see who had came into the room. I found my sister watching TV, my dad sleeping and my mom had already left for work. My sister said that neither my dad or her had got up for quite some time. Four months later, the same thing happened with my mom at 5:30 in the morning. My dad was at work and my sister and I were dead asleep. But this time, whatever or whoever it was, went into the bathroom, shut the door, and then came out shutting the door again. True story submitted by Vanessa
iconMy cousin Kevin was at my old house for Christmas and New Year's when I was five years old. He told me that one night he had to go to the bathroom, which was right in front of my dad's office, in middle of the hallway. He swore that he saw a wolf with yellow eyes. Then he ran in my room, did 21 push ups and went to sleep. He woke up at about 12:30 and heard a howl and scratching on my door. On New Year's, he woke me up and asked "don't you hear a bell ringing?" I said "no." When I was nine, we moved out of the house. Submitted by Sarah
iconMy friend and I were having a sleepover. We had fun, skitting at her brother, but we had no idea something weird was about to happen! We played for four hours and at about 10:30, we went out to the back garden. In front of us, there were three trees, but something was not right. They had red eyes in them and they followed and watched us. We freaked out and went to my mate's room where we looked out the window. It looked like something climbed out of the tree. We went back the next morning and there was blood on the ground. We asked if anyone had been out. They all said "no." My friend and I looked up events that had happened in the past and we learned that someone had been killed there. We played the Ouija board and the name "Mary White" came up. We ran and never went into the garden again. True story by Sara Field
iconFor the last few months, I have had a funny feeling that something is stalking me. There are many signs. Whenever I'm walking, I hear loud footsteps. When I stop walking, I can still hear them. When I turn around, the footsteps are gone. I keep seeing someone crawling on the floor in the corner of my eye. When I look, no one is there. I have a Halloween mask. The other night, I awoke to see it on my bed staring at me. When I awoke the next day, I found it in my cupboard. I often feel a hand on my shoulder that grabs tightly. There is a tall black figure behind me with it's arm raised, ready to strike. It's weird. I wonder if it's a sign. Submitted by Marshmellow
iconOn a cold, stormy night, a lady was home alone because her husband was out of town. She heard a baby crying outside of her door. She wanted to get the baby but was concerned that something else was wrong. It sounded as if the baby was moving and crawling off the edge of her porch. She was worried, but instinct told her otherwise. She then called the police. They told her they will come and check it out but to "STAY IN THE HOUSE." Apparently, there was a crazed killer going around playing a recording of a baby's cry. When the women take the bait and go outside, the killer would then kill them. Submitted by Jaden
iconLast year around Halloween, one of my teachers was reading short stories by Edgar Allan Poe to my class. One day, she read us 'The Black Cat.' She told us later that that night, she heard a scratching on her window. When she got up to see what was making the noise, she saw the figure of a cat being hung. She ran and jumped back in her bed and told her husband what happened. He looked, but didn't see anything. He told her to stop messing around and go back to sleep. Did she really see it or was it a sign from Mr. Edgar Allan Poe? Submitted by Rosie
iconSomething scary happened late one night when I took my grandmother home. After dropping her off, I was ready to pull out of the driveway and had to wait for a car to pass by -- but suddenly, it disappeared. I got scared so I wanted to go inside of my grandmother's house. When I was turning off my headlights, I saw a man standing right in front of my car, staring at me. When he put his hand on the hood, it passed right through. He disappeared and then I freaked out and locked all of the doors. I wanted to go home but the car wouldn't start and I was too scared to get out. I called my brother and told him what I saw but he started making fun of me so I called my mom. She called a man with a tow truck and came with him. The next day, I went to the mechanic and asked him what was wrong with my car. He told me that someone tore all the wires out of the engine. Since then, I never drive alone at night. This happened about four years ago and it still scares me. Submitted by Khadija
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